About Us

Perhaps you've seen us on TV?

We are a Therapeutic School.

Many of our children have experienced trauma.

As professional teachers and therapeutic practitioners we understand the need to deal with a child's trauma before we can start teaching the child.

Before anyone can learn they need to be ready, to be receptive. You cannot be receptive if you are in a state of dysregulation. If we have students who are dysregulated they will dysregulate others in a number of ways. They will attempt to control the climate in the classroom by taking it to a place that suits their dysregulated state.

It is better to stop and deal with the trauma or the overtly emotional state of the child before trying to move onto curriculum orientated learning. The children will all be learning as they watch us deal with the trauma and the behaviours presented. It is all a learning opportunity. As they watch us and our emotional state they are being guided at the deepest level as to how to handle stressful and critical situations.

As we bring everyone back to a positive state of regulation everyone will have learnt a new skill. Through being in relation they have gained true insight and will begin to see the inner steps that need to be taken to learn to regulate themselves and also a key in how to support and assist others.

As we stay the course there will be less need over time to do this as we acknowledge a child's emotional state they are able to change and adapt as they feel heard and seen. They will also know that we are consistent in our response to them thus eliminating their need as they begin to access us and their classmates in a more positive manner. This process will eventually create a classroom geared to learning as we have removed the behaviours that were barriers.

But what about the children in the school who are not traumatised?

All children benefit from the therapeutic approach. All humans will experience some form of trauma in their lives. Our approach teaches children to identify big emotions and how to manage them in a positive way. Our children also learn to identify trauma in others and the skills to help others deal with their trauma. Research shows that children who have been exposed to therapeutic practices are more empathetic and compassionate and more likely to support an environment where all children can feel safe and successful.

We are a Therapeutic School.

We are a team.

We value a consistent therapeutic approach across the whole school.

We are committed to our beautiful children.


Are you looking for a challenging yet rewarding teaching experience where you can make a real difference to the lives of children? Please email jeff.parker@education.nt.gov.au or phone 0889733844 to find out more.

We are a medium size school of approximately 200 students catering from Preschool to Year six.

Approximately 78% of students are Indigenous with some students living in Binjari, Rockhole and Kalano communities.

The school is located in Katherine North, on Gorge Road and is open plan design.

The school has; 11 classroom teachers from transition to year 6, 7 full time support staff, 7 part time support staff, a preschool, an OSHC Centre and a Long Day Care centre.

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Katherine is a remote town and we are truly blessed with an abundance of unbelievable landscapes and natural beauty.

Katherine and Surrounds

Victoria River



If you enjoy the great outdoors and are looking for a new challenge, give us a call (08 89733844 or an email: jeff.parker@education.nt.gov.au) so we can chat about your exciting move to Katherine and teaching at Clyde Fenton Primary School.