Principal's Statement

Welcome to Clyde Fenton School!

Clyde Fenton Primary School embraces diversity and prides itself on being inclusive, tolerant and innovative. We value the knowledge and experience that people of all races, cultures and backgrounds bring to our school, and view diversity as one of our key strengths.

We are proud to be considered as the "school for anyone and everyone". 

Clyde Fenton Primary School enjoys an excellent reputation in the Katherine community and is proudly named after Dr Clyde Fenton, the Northern Territory's first flying doctor, and whose historic airplane can be viewed at the nearby Katherine Museum.

Our school has a tradition of achievement in academic, performing arts, cultural and sporting activities. Our continual journey of school improvement ensures the academic and intellectual rigour of our learning programs maintain their high standard. We invite parents and carers to participate in our journey of school improvement through membership of the school council or other voluntary activities and events.

Our school community's vision ensure that our teaching and learning programs respond in innovative ways to the educational needs of all. Our children and their bright future are the starting point and focus for our learning community - what they should know, understand, value and be able to achieve as a result of their learning experiences at Clyde Fenton School.

The teaching and learning programs at Clyde Fenton School are planned to cater for the individual, their needs, learning styles and interests. Clyde Fenton puts learning outcomes first and has very high expectations for all students. We see our role as empowering our students through helping them to gain knowledge - knowledge of facts, skills, processes and attitudes.

The school has a 'no tolerance' policy for bullying and harassment. Our school has a clear focus on lifelong learning outcomes for students, which is underpinned by an environment of positive support based on clear expectations.

There is an expectation that all staff, students and parents follow the CFS Way:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fair Go
  • Do your best
  • Care and Compassion

It is our belief that parents and carers play a critical part in their child's education and we look forward to developing a close partnership between home and school across each child's learning journey with us.