Clyde Fenton explores 3D horizons

Posted 31/05/2018

Clyde Fenton Primary School in Katherine has been selected from more than 3,000 schools in 41 countries to join the GE Additive Education Program.

It is managed by Polar3D, a technology company delivering the education, software, products and content to enable production using Polar Cloud.

Polar3D makes 3D printing universally accessible by giving anyone with a browser the ability to create and transform digital models into physical objects.

The Polar Cloud is a community of students, educators and entrepreneurs from over 100 countries, using 3D printers to bring design, project-based learning, and the art of digital manufacturing into every classroom in the world.

The school will also receive a 3D printing classroom package comprising a Premium Polar Cloud account, Flashforge Inventor IIS (a high performance 3D printer), printer filament, and curriculum and lesson plans from STEAMtrax, Makers Empire, Tinkercad and BlocksCAD.

Principal Jeff Parker said “STEM today and into the future won't be about huge capital investment in standalone facilities which quickly become redundant; it will be about low cost, integrated, cloud based tools and resources forming intellectual eco-systems that foster collaboration and rapidly develop human ideas. It used to be all about processing power, now it's all about the capacity to collaborate.”