Girl Power on display at AFL Gala Day

Posted 10/08/2018

On Thursday the 9th of August 70 girls from years 3-6 played AFL at Barunga Community. The day was organised and run by Kiera Lansdown, Clyde Fenton PS and Amanda Gardiner, Barunga School. 

The aim of Girl Power was to engage girls through sport and increase female participation in AFL. At the beginning of the day a skill session was ran by the students from Katherine High School (KHS). These students did an excellent job introducing the skills of AFL to the primary students. 

The KHS girls were just as new to the sport but learnt the skills in the last two weeks during their all-girls AFL class. Following the skills the girls begun the round robin to be crowned the 2018 Girl Power Champions. The teams that competed were Clyde Fenton Blue, Clyde Fenton White, Barunga, Beswick, Jilkminggan and St Joseph’s. 

The overall winners of the day was Barunga School. 

Christeisha Mundul from Clyde Fenton was voted the Most Valuable Player of the day. 

All girls from Clyde Fenton did an exceptional job on the day and we are very proud of their work. It was an incredible day to watch so many girls who had never played AFL before give it a go and do an excellent job. A big thank you to the students from St Augustine’s Kyabram for their help umpiring and cooking the BBQ. 

(Photos supplied by the brilliant Max Rawlings)