Recycling at Preschool

Posted 05/06/2018

At Clyde Fenton Preschool, sustainability practices are faithfully observed by students, whether it is combating the unnecessary use of lights and air conditioners, promoting the efficient disposal of rubbish, or using the school garden as a waste recycling system.

Teacher Monique Marzocchi said: “Resource conservation by the 25 preschoolers has been given a boost by the consignment of refuse to differently coloured bins — red for general waste, green for food left-overs, and yellow for shredded paper and cardboard,” he said.

“Food scraps and paper are composted, but paper can also become mulch or a recyclable material used in primary school art and craft classes.

“When children contribute to sustainable practices, they are taking ownership for their impact on the environment. Our children are very hands-on, and educators are careful to not complete sustainability-related tasks after the children go home.”

Jonte Brooks-Parker, 4, said he especially liked to use the green waste bin. “The food goes into the bin and the worms eat it, and then they make food for the flowers,” he said.

“It is entirely the children’s responsibility to remember to put the food scraps in the bin, to shred the paper and bag it up, to water and plant in the garden,” said Ms Marzocchi.

“Educators simply remind children, and engage in thought-provoking conversations about how using our waste in the garden helps the plants, and means that less rubbish goes to the tip.”