Students ponder the need for recycling

Posted 28/06/2018

Students in 3/4 Lake at Clyde Fenton Primary School, spent Term Two learning about persuasive writing. The students focused on how to help the ocean for our projects.

Students researched and learnt facts about how much plastic is in the ocean and what it is doing to our animals.

They have created a persuasive writing piece to try and convince other people to do the right thing and reduce, reuse or recycle their plastic items.

Here is a selection of some of them.

No more rubbish

We need to keep the plastic out the ocean to look after the animals. I strongly believe that we should protect the marine animals. We have to recycle the plastic we use.

Straws can hurt animals because the animals think it is food and it can get stuck in their nose. It takes up many, many years to decompose. Imagine that, straws just sitting in the ocean for that long. Did you know that America uses 500 MILLION straws every day?!

Did you know 12% of the plastic in the ocean are bags? Plastic bags can be mistaken for animals like jellyfish, so that is dangerous for the sea turtles. It takes up to 20 years for plastic bags to decompose in the ocean.

Did you know, 1,500 water bottles ends up in the sea each second? Imagine in 10 seconds that is 15,000 bottles in the water, that’s a lot hey? So it is 450 years later and those water bottles are mostly gone. Did you know in 40 years there will be more plastic than fish?

That’s why the ocean is so sick and this is why plastic sucks. I hope you believe me and hope you do something about it.


Stop the plastic

Stop the plastic, it’s killing the sea life. We need to protect it!! People are just leaving their rubbish which is pure laziness. I strongly believe we must save the sea life and stop people chucking rubbish in the drains.

Straws are really harmful to sea animals. 500 million straws are used every day in USA, it’s crazy!! It can even get up sea life noses!! You can buy reusable straws! So animals from the sea don’t die.

Plastic bags are used to hold food and it looks like jellyfish and turtles love jellyfish. Turtles eat the plastic bags and it gets stuck in their guts and make them starve to death. It also chokes the animals. It’s really harmful to the sea life. Plastic bags can be reused.

Plastic bottles are used to put drinkable liquid in. 1,500 plastic bottles are put in the ocean every second. Plastic bottles can take 450 YEARS to break down!

We must stop the plastic by not being lazy and put your rubbish in the bin!