The Community Reads Together

Posted 20/09/2018

Clyde Fenton Primary School celebrated book week last week and what fun we had, class reading picnics, a dress up day and school wide activity sessions. The celebrations culminated in community reading on Thursday afternoon. We asked community members from all over Katherine to come to school and share their love of reading with our students. We had mums and dads, police officers, members of the rescue services, our local member of parliament Sandra Nelson 12 members of RAAF Tindal and 4 American marines. There was hush all over the school as all the children were enchanted by the stories the community members read and told to them.

“The American marines were great fun, not only did they read to us they told us jokes too." Eugene Bolton. 

“ Mrs Gordon read 'The Wrong Stone', this book made us realise we are all different but have special qualities that make us special.” Kyle Bader

“The children were all totally engrossed with the stories and it was great to see the children interacting with our visitors.” said Lyndel Rawlings. 

“It was exciting and engaging for all our students. Absolutely fabulous turnout from our community.” Kylie Lake Event Organiser. (Well done Kylie - awesome event!)