Closure of all communal water fountains / bubblers in schools.

Posted 17/04/2020

This link ahppc-advice-on-reducing-the-potential-risk-of-covid-19-transmission-in-schools was distributed in a briefing this morning and it contains updated health advice for schools.

I draw your attention to the Hygiene section that directs the closure of all communal water fountains / bubblers.

To help us follow this guideline, all bubblers at school will be out of service at the start of the school term.

Parents are requested to send their child to school each day with a clearly labelled water bottle. Your child will be able to access this water bottle throughout the day.

For parents unable to find an appropriate water bottle, the school has some reserve stocks, and one will be allocated to your child.

Water bottle re-filling and hygiene will be managed by school staff in line with the guidelines.