72-hour lockdown from 6.00pm, November 15, 2021

Posted 15/11/2021

This afternoon the Chief Minister announced the Katherine region and Robinson River region will enter a 72-hour lockdown from 6.00pm, November 15, 2021.

The following advice is for schools and parents in the municipality of Katherine.


Schools in Katherine are open to vulnerable children and children of essential workers only.

Students over the age of 12 who attend a middle or secondary school will need to wear masks.

Drop off and pick up of students and young children must be done via kiss and go only. Unvaccinated parents and carers are able to drop students and children off at the kiss and go. All parents and carers must wear masks at drop off and pick up.

Preschool students can be dropped off at the gate or the door of preschool. Parents must wear masks, observe physical distancing and following drop off and pick up, immediately return to their vehicle.

Close contacts

In the last 14 days, if you have:

• been told you are a close contact of a person with COVID-19 or

• attended any of the locations at the same time as a person who is infectious with COVID-19.

You must immediately:

• self-quarantine and identify yourself as a potential close contact by calling the Northern Territory (NT) COVID hotline on 1800 490 484 and

• get tested immediately.

For further details, check https://coronavirus.nt.gov.au/