School Buses

Please click on the link below for up to date information regarding school bus services:

We supervise our students each afternoon as they board the buses and ensure they get on the appropriate bus, as per your instructions. Should your child need to catch a different bus or travel by means other than the bus, please let us know in advance so that we assist your child. We are reluctant to allow a child to catch a bus other than their nominated bus - so please assist us meet our duty of care by keeping us informed of your child's travel arrangements.

Please note that whilst some supervision is provided by the school on Bus 4 in the afternoon, the buses are run by a commercial operator and the school has no control over any operational matters pertaining to the buses, staff, bus routes or timetables.

We do take misbehaviour and bullying on the buses very seriously but your first point of contact with any bus issues should be the bus company. We will do what we can at a school level to deal with any inappropriate behaviour from our students.

Click below to download the Bus Code of Conduct for students travelling to and from school:

Code Of Conduct For School Bus Travel

Contacts for the above service:
Travel North Bus Service (08) 8971 9999

Feedback can be lodged via any of the following methods

For more contact information please visit the Public Transport Contact Us page

When providing feedback about bus services please note the following information assists in actioning your feedback.

  • Bus Route number
  • Event date and time
  • Other information that can assist in actioning your feedback request.