Clyde Fenton implemented a new attendance incentive program from mid 2009. 

Everyday students will receive one “Clyde Fenton Dollar” for wearing correct uniform and one dollar for attending school on time, meaning they can earn a maximum of $2 per day.
The “Clyde Fenton Dollars” will accumulate in students’ individual accounts and can be spent at school to purchase a variety of items on Fridays. Alternatively students may elect to 'Buy an afternoon / day' with a staff member - throughout the years this has become very popular!
Each week the attendance for the week prior is shared through the school newsletter.

The attendance incentive program has been introduced to reward all students for wearing the CFS uniform and attending school consistently and not just the irregular attending students who needed extra support.

In addition to this at the end of each term all students who have attended school 90% or more of the time will be invited on a school Attendance Reward outing to the town pool or another venue for a fun activity.