Health & Wellbeing

The Health and Physical Education learning area focuses on the multi dimensions of health, and how these influence the development of the individual. There are a number of sensitive issues within this learning area where the partnership between school and home is particularly important. Care needs to be taken to ensure all community groups’ customs and practices are considered and classroom programs modified accordingly.

The school follows the NT's SEL Program for Social and Emotional Learning. It covers all strands of Personal and Social Capability and Intercultural Understanding in the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities. The SEL program allows students to explore areas such as managing emotions, mindfulness, understanding relationships, goal setting and managing conflict.

A Perceptual Motor Program is part of the overall Transition classroom program. It involves a sequential range of developmental activities, both physical and cognitive, which link directly to the development of skills for classroom learning.

CFS offers a swimming programme in Term 1 with a culminating community Swimming Carnival, and an athletics program in Term 2 with a culminating community Athletics Carnival. In PE, students learn a skill based program, and are encouraged to participate in a variety of sports at school, inter-school, regional and state level.

Students are able to be involved in planting and caring for our vegetable garden as part of a partnership with EON foundation. As part of their Health program, they then have cooking sessions in our state of the art home economics room.