The Mathematics learning area allows learners to develop mathematical skills and understandings that they can apply to many areas of life. Learners will develop sound strategies for investigating and problem solving as well as positive attitudes about their capacity to effectively use their mathematics in many life situations.

CFS follows the Meaningful Maths program.

The Meaningful Maths Number Framework (formerly NZ Maths) comprises of two equally-important and interrelated elements:

  • Number Knowledge - knowledge about the number system including numeral identification, number sequences and place value; and basic number facts using the four operations.
  • Number Strategies –knowledge of mental and written strategies used to perform calculations.

The Meaningful Maths Number Framework Knowledge and Strategies has a strong foundation in the research conducted by Bob Wright (2006) which also informs the revised Count Me in Too! Learning Framework in Number developed by NSW DET (2007). The Meaningful Maths Number Framework is an evidenced-based teaching and learning framework that assists teachers to describe students’ mathematical thinking in terms of a developmental continuum.

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